Established in 2011 we are celebrating 5 years of providing motorists in torbay and south devon with the best in mobile body repairs and have saved them thousands and thousands of ££££S
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Here we have an example of a bumper that has been scuffed and scraped whilst parking in a tight spot, and is typical of the sort of bumps and scrapes we deal with week in and week out.   The damaged area is first thoroughly degreases, before it is sanded down, and a fine layer of  filler applied, and then shaped.

Next a high build primer, and foundation coat is applied. The entire repair area is then flattened and thoroughly cleaned. Then using high quality water based paint, the repair area is sprayed with colour and blended into the original colour, prior to the application of high quality 2k lacquer.

The repair is now thoroughly cured with an infra red heater before a final polish, and the bumper is as good as new again.  This repair took only a few hours to complete, and the car was back on the road straight away.

Bumper Scrapes And Scuffs Bumper Scrapes And Scuffs Bumper Scrapes And Scuffs Bumper Scrapes And Scuffs